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Funding news - 10/03/2017

Countryside Stewardship - 2017 Mid & Higher Tier Support Grants Open (England)

Countryside Stewardship grants are being offered to those who propose to make the best environmental improvements within their local area.

The Mid Tier of Countryside Stewardship offers agreements for environmental improvements in the wider countryside, such as reducing diffuse water pollution or improving the environment for birds, pollinators and farm wildlife.

Higher Tier specifically focuses on environmentally important sites, including commons and woodlands, where the more complex management requires support from Natural England or the Forestry Commission, including tailoring of options.

Higher Tier is open for applications that include: agri-environment options (with or without woodland support).

The scheme includes multi annual and/or capital support for Woodland Improvement that are:

  • suitable for many types of land use (eg conventional and organic farmland, coastal areas, uplands and woodlands);
  • competitive; and
  • scored against local priority targets to maximise environmental benefit.

Funding levels vary according to demonstrated need. Applications for capital items can be in excess of £500,000.

The Mid Tier element of CS offers options and capital items to achieve simple, but effective environmental benefit. There are no options or capital items for woodland or educational access in the Mid Tier. The Higher Tier element of CS covers the most environmentally significant sites, commons and woodlands.

The scheme is open to all eligible farmers, woodland owners, foresters and other land managers in England. Both Mid and Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship is open to all of the following land managers: Owner occupiers; Tenants (including farmers); Landlords; and Licensors.

Mid Tier is open for applications until 30 September 2017.

Higher Tier applications are open until 5 May 2017 for applications that include agri-environment options (with or without woodland support) (applications e requested by 30 April) and until 31 May for applications that include woodland support options only.

See the programme website for more details.

Source:, 10/03/2017

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