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Funding news - 07/03/2017

Acre365: Recognition for Professionals Championing Social or Environmental Values

Acre365 aims to celebrate professionals who have produced substantial impacts within their first year at an organisation.

Acre365 aims to celebrate professionals who have produced substantial impacts within their first year at an organisation. Through this award, Acre hopes to share innovation and best practice with the wider community, helping others to learn and receive inspiration.

Eligible professionals should have achieved environmental, energy, social or health and safety impacts within the first twelve months of beginning their role. These individuals will be judged in terms of their positive impact, innovation, legacy and image enhancement. There are five award categories in total which may be applied for which are as follows:

  • Social. This category is for those who have positively impacted upon the lives of those either within or outside of the applicant's organisation, covering human rights, diversity, labour rights, social justice and corporate citizenship.
  • Health and safety. This category is for those whose activities have positively impacted upon the health, safety and wellbeing or employees or customers, covering the implementation of cultural change, health and wellbeing initiatives, technology and innovation, supply chain engagement and employee engagement.
  • Environmental. This category is concerned with how the applicant's activities have had a positive impact upon the environment, covering natural resource management, resource efficiency, pollution prevention and control, marketing and developing environmental products and technologies and initiatives that will enhance environmental responsibility.
  • Energy. This category concerns how the applicant may have advanced the low carbon agenda through increasing energy performance. This may include operational energy strategy, implementing low carbon technology, promoting energy efficiency through behaviour change initiatives, decarbonising energy supply and designing energy efficient buildings.
  • Combined. This category is for applicants that have demonstrated excellence within a combination of two or more of the other categories.

Five winners will receive an Acre 365 trophy, an invitation to attend a celebratory awards dinner and an Acre Frameworks coaching session. Furthermore, winners’ profiles and achievements will be highlighted through Acre's platforms, and those of Acre’s partners.

The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2017.

For further information, interested parties should visit the Acre website

Source: Acre, 07/03/2017

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